Our Founders


Anu Rai


Anu holds a postgraduate degree in Environmental Science from Kathmandu University, Nepal. She has supported and led several freshwater ecological studies and promoted stewardship of common pool resources. Currently, she is spearheading the prototyping of biopesticide at Nagdaha as is also consulting on a project run by Youth Innovation Lab and Stockholm Environment Institute which focuses on co-designing nature-based solutions to improve public health outcomes in Bharatpur Metropolitan City, Nepal. 


Bibek Shrestha

Vice President

Bibek is studying Master of Environmental Science at Yale University. He has over three years of professional experience in environmental sciences centered on river water quality, aquatic biodiversity, and environmental assessment of hydropower projects. 


Anusha Pandey


Anusha is an MSc student of Environmental Science at Kathmandu University. Her research interests are ecology, hydrology, and remote sensing. She is currently working on investigating the abundance and diversity of aquatic communities, in particular, the linkages between invertebrates, primary producers, and fish communities, along with how they are influenced by hydro‑morphological, physio‑chemical and land use changes using both field and satellite images techniques. She is also keen on understanding how citizen science could be utilized to reveal a more detailed understanding of these systems.


Suman Prakash Pradhan

Under Secretariat

Suman holds a Master of Science degree in Environmental Science with a Specialization in Natural Resources. He is working as a Research Associate at UKRI-GCRF-South Asian Nitrogen Hub, Kathmandu University, Nepal. His research interests include natural product chemistry and the metagenomics approach in the selection of bioindicators of environmental stresses in terrestrial habitats. 


Aashish Kumar Mishra


Aashish has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media Studies from Kathmandu University. He is active in the field of journalism and advertising wherein he has designed various Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) materials and promotional advertisements regarding environmental conservation. He has also provided inputs in various capacities to other environmental advertisements produced by his organization. He is the current sub-editor of The Rising Nepal.