Our Staffs

Kevin Bajracharya

Program Officer & Creative Lead

Kevin holds a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science from Kathmandu University, Nepal. Passionate about resilience and climate-adaptive technologies, he collaborated with a dynamic team to communicate disaster risk at Youth Innovation Lab and advocate data-driven policies at the municipal level through creative visual storytelling. Likewise, through Greenway Nepal, he promoted sustainable urban mobility in Kathmandu through bicycling. A storytelling enthusiast, Kevin shares project narratives and enjoys cycling and exploring new destinations in his free time.

Aditya Pal

Project Officer

Aditya has a Master’s degree in Zoology from Tribhuvan University. He is chiefly an ornithologist but his work touches other aspects of wildlife and biodiversity conservation as well including capacity development at a local-level. He has also been associated with other organizations such as Bird Conservation Nepal, CSIRO Australia, and Nepal Orinthology Union. Likewise, he has worked as lead biodiversity expert in ’Big forest Nepal’, a landscape conservation initiative in the lowlands of Nepal and has also been a mentor in Wildlife Conservation e-Course of University of Oxford. He is currently leading a community-based work at Koshi- Tappu.

Shreeya Manandhar

Research Associate

Shreeya is also a Master’s student in Environmental Science, specializing in Wildlife Management at Kathmandu University, and a WWF Chandra Gurung Memorial Fellow. Her interest includes working to restore habitats such as Nagdaha in efforts to support biodiversity in urban settings. Assisting in water analysis laboratories for undergraduate students while working as a teaching assistant at KU has also helped her develop skills in the same.