Let’s pedal for a purpose!

On 25 Nov 2023, starting 8 am over 100 cyclist participated in the cycling event that passed through different wetlands of Kathmandu Valley. This trail started from Pimbahal passes through now converted wetland Paleswan Pukhu made a turn towards two newly restoring wetlands namely Nhu Pukhu and Pleswa Pukhu. Then took a turn from Satdobato towards Dhapakhel, the trail passed through Tinkune Pokhari which has been concretized and made way towards Akhi Daha and finally ended in Nagdaha.

A treasure hunt competition was included which included supporting “Indra”, a migratory bird serving as the mascot of this campaign to collect different clues in the quest to combat the degradation of wetlands. Indra embarked on a journey to Kathmandu Valley with the intention of revisiting their cherished wetlands, only to find them unrecognizable due to the detrimental effects of pollution, invasive species, and the transformation of the natural habitat into concrete landscapes. In the quest to combat the degradation of wetlands, Indra embarked on a mission to locate specific objects concealed in different wetlands.