Promotion of regenerative farming in Nagdaha

Between 17-19 October, the UNDP Rome Center hosted the Youth4Climate: Sparking Solutions global flagship event in Rome, Italy which brought together 130 young people from 63 countries. The gathering enabled pitching of 100 youth-led solutions shortlisted from among more than 1100 project proposals. SENSE was selected among these proposals for funding (~20000 USD) and other support.

The project envisions co-creation and braiding of knowledges in regenerative agriculture between the indigenous and western knowledge systems. The resulting knowledge and practice are innovation that is suitable to the local area and a model for other regions. We will also be promoting the production of a biopesticide that has been prototyped by my team at Nagdaha using the invasive water lettuce along with other terrestrial invasive species. Utilizing the allelopathic properties of the invasive species allows for control of pest as a natural remedy which is another environmental enterprise in itself. A sub-component of the project also looks at regenerative tourism opportunities enabling diversification and increase of profits while providing a more immersive cultural experience to the visitors.

Winners of the Youth4Climate: Sparking Solutions, Food and Agriculture theme