Save Our Wetlands - Campaign Book

Despite their great importance, wetlands, particularly those found in urban areas like Kathmandu Valley, are highly susceptible to the negative impacts of development projects. These projects often lead to pollution, habitat destruction, sedimentation, and encroachment, posing significant threats to the wetland ecosystems. Restoring urban wetlands is a complex task because local stakeholders and communities generally do not have the motivation or incentive to undertake such endeavors. This is the unfortunate case due to the lack of awareness about the significance of these wetlands and their roles in our well being.
Recognizing this critical gap, a youth group from Sustainability and Environmental Studies Endeavor (SENSE) embarked on a mission to save our wetlands by harnessing the power and passion of the youth, with support from the SHIFT campaign accelerator. The Save Our Wetlands campaign took shape with empathy for nature at its core to raise awareness about the degrading state of wetlands.


  • 800 + youths engaged directly in the campaign
  • Partnerships formed with 17 private companies
  • 50 stories on wetlands collected
  • Publicized a wetland cycling trail
  • Increased knowledge of surveyed people on wetlands to 97%
  • Digital reach of > 335,000
    on social media during the campaign duration

Cementing this momentum along with stories collected from people dedicated to wetlands from all over Nepal, we present you our campaign book.