Team Members


Anu Rai


Anu holds a postgraduate degree in Environmental Science from Kathmandu University, Nepal. She has supported and led several freshwater ecological studies and promoted stewardship of common pool resources. Currently, she is spearheading the prototyping of biopesticide at Nagdaha as is also consulting on a project run by Youth Innovation Lab and Stockholm Environment Institute which focuses on co-designing nature-based solutions to improve public health outcomes in Bharatpur Metropolitan City, Nepal. 


Bibek Shrestha

Vice - President

Bibek Shrestha Vice-President Bibek is a Master of Environmental Science graduate from Yale University. He has over three years of professional experience in environmental research centered on river water quality, aquatic ecosystems, and environmental assessment of hydropower projects in Nepal.

Anusha (1)

Anusha Pandey


Anusha has a B.Sc. Honors degree in Environmental Science from NAMI College. She is engaged in exploring the potential of citizen science for hydrological and meteorological studies in resource-limited settings like Nepal. She was involved in various river related research projects such as the National Dolphin Survey 2016, the Bagmati River Expedition 2017, Ecohydrology of the Rivers in Far-Western and Mid-Western Development Regions of Nepal, and others.


Suman Prakash Pradhan

Under Secretary

Suman is a holds a Master of Science in Environmental Science with a Specialization in Natural Resources. He is working as a Research Associate at UKRI-GCRF-South Asian Nitrogen Hub, Kathmandu University, Nepal. His research interests include natural product chemistry and the metagenomics approach in the selection of bioindicators of environmental stresses in terrestrial habitats. 


Aashish Mishra


Aashish has a postgraduate degree from Purbanchal University and is active in the field of journalism and advertising wherein he has designed various Information, Education and Communication (IEC) Materials and promotional advertisements regarding environmental conservation. He has also provided inputs in various capacities to other environmental advertisements produced by his organization.


Kevin Bajracharya

Program Officer & Creative Lead

Kevin holds a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science from Kathmandu University, Nepal. Passionate about resilience and climate-adaptive technologies, he collaborated with a dynamic team to communicate disaster risk at Youth Innovation Lab and advocate data-driven policies at the municipal level through creative visual storytelling. Likewise, through Greenway Nepal, he promoted sustainable urban mobility in Kathmandu through bicycling. A storytelling enthusiast, Kevin shares project narratives and enjoys cycling and exploring new destinations in his free time. Currently, he works in promoting generative farming through Youth4Climate initiative at SENSE.


Shreeya Manandhar

Research Officer

Shreeya is a Master’s student of environmental science at Kathmandu University. She plays an instrumental role in in promoting various ecological studies about sedimentation problems in Nagdaha and also in prototyping biopesticide production. She has a passion for creating positive change in the community and the environment through sustainable agriculture practices.


Aditya Pal

Research Officer

Aditya holds a Master’s in Zoology, specializing in Wildlife and Ecology, from the Central Department of Zoology, Tribhuvan University. A passionate wildlife researcher and photographer, Aditya has been dedicated to studying the avian fauna of Nepal. His research focuses on grassland birds, including the Bengal Florican and Yellow-breasted Bunting. In addition to his research, Aditya is committed to educating children about bird biology and ecology. He has inspired many to engage in conservation efforts and work towards preserving nature.