Who We Are

SENSE, short for Sustainability and Environmental Science Endeavor, is not just an organization—it’s a journey, a narrative woven with threads of sustainability and a profound connection to our environment. Imagine an infinity symbol, gracefully looping in an eternal embrace. That’s our logo, capturing the essence of perpetual balance and harmony with the world around us.

Our story began with a group of visionaries, most with backgrounds in environmental science, coming together with a shared passion. We embarked on a mission to delve deep into various facets of environmental conservation, driven by the quest for data and evidence. Why? To empower decision-making that fosters development while minimizing harm to our precious ecosystems.

The organization embodies more than just environmental conservation; it stands as a beacon of our steadfast dedication—a promise to cultivate a world where sustainability flourishes endlessly. We believe in sustainable development through shared knowledge, evidence-based solutions, and daring experimentation, bridging the divide between academia and industry. This enables change-makers to innovate, fostering a spirit of research, resilience, and creative thinking to enact transformations that enhance the livelihoods of communities reliant on diverse environmental ecosystems.